Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Saturday in the Park....OK, it was really Sunday, but I like the song....

So, on Sunday, we managed to get to the park for an impromptu picnic. Auntie Karen was even able to meet up with us there and help feed the kiddos lunch and stroll them around a little. She and I also took them to the swings and I had to throw my "Mommy Muscle" around and ask some parents if they could move their kids out of the swings.

NOTE: I should explain that the parents were under a tree talking and barely watching their two children hang in the swing. I say "hang" in the swing because they were not swinging, but just hanging there. The parents didn't bother to stay with them and push them and the kids seemed completely uninterested. After waiting patiently, I decided to ask (ever so politely) if we could use the swings for just a few minutes (the mother understood what I was asking). This was my first experience with "swing set etiquette" and, while I wasn't sure of the protocol, I hoped that if I was REALLY polite it would be OK to ask them if we could have a turn.

Anyway, the girls had a BLAST on the swings. Clark laughs when he watches the girls having so much fun, but he isn't as interested in swinging. He would rather spend his time picking up the little pebbles on the ground (and eat them, of course). He's also good at sliding down the slide with Mommy (something we actually did today during our outing at the park).

Our big news amongst the crew is that the girls are walking. OK, Ems is walking more than Kendall, but both are really working on it. Emma is still mastering her stablility and learning to turn, twist, dance and clap - while walking, but she is doing an excellent job. Kendall is just now starting to get more comfortable standing without assistance and taking those first few steps on her own. I think she is inspired by her sister's movements and wants to be as independent as little Emma is. Clark has been experimenting with the walker and still seems pretty steady, but not really taking any steps without being able to hang onto something.

Emma and Kendall also continue to chat using jibberish and Clark has joined in on the fun. He's really quite talkative, though not saying specific words - although I swear he said "mama" and "dada" yesterday. They all are interacting more and I continue to enjoy overhearing them in the play zone chasing each other and laughing together.

It still amazes me that they are SO very different despite being triplets. They look different and have obviously developed differently. But I have noticed that they seem to follow similar patterns, such as starting to pull up and stand confidently and then they begin to climb onto riding toys. After that, the girls both started walking. I'm hoping that this will continue to be how Clark progresses as well. Only time will tell.

Mealtime continues to be a challenge for me as I hate the monotony of what I am feeding them, but lack the culinary expertise (or the nerve) to try very many new things. We tried zucchini today and I think it didn't agree with little E as she had a complete meltdown (for 40 minutes) followed by three of the biggest burps I've ever heard (Daddy was truly proud of his girl). We are stuck in the fish stick, ham or turkey and cheese, carrots, peas, corn, sweet potatoes, peaches, pears, apples routine. I try to "mix it up a little" by serving ham or turkey on bread (toasted) and then another time as a quesidilla (insert "La Cucaracha" melody here, please). I've added applesauce and cinnamon to plain old boring sweet potatoes. But, in the end, it's the same thing...different day. By the time I've gotten through their meals each day, I'm ready to just have cereal for my dinner because I lack the creativity to think of anything else (and Troy doesn't seem to be interested in fish sticks - go figure).

I've had a long day, so I'm going to pack it in for now. Thanks for checking back with us. We will be back soon with more pictures.

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