Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Growing up fast

The kids have been getting (at least) weekly visits with Poo Pa, Uncle Albert and Uncle Stevie lately, as well as some regular trips to spend time with Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom. They enjoy these special visits and we are happy that they live close-by so that the kids can develop a great relationship with family members. We are so thankful to be within 3 miles (or less) of both homes!
Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom got these shots while the kids were visiting the other day. They were fascinated to watch Uncle Tom back his truck into the garage! And they got a big kick out of diving head first into the pillows on the bed too.

A few weeks ago, Auntie Karen picked them up from school a little early to take them along to the airport. Uncle Tom was returning from Florida and she thought it would be a fun surprise to have the kids greet him. They had SO much fun and she got these two cute pics. They really loved watching the planes taxi down the runway and Emma screamed when she finally saw Uncle Tom coming through the gate.

And I love these pictures taken last weekend when Emma spent some "special" time with them. They made blueberry muffins and took a trip to the Oak Ridge Children's Museum.

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