Monday, June 11, 2012

Brother's Bad Dream

Clark apparently had a bad dream and I struggled to get him calmed down. Unfortunately, Troy had gone out to Home Depot and I even had to call him to let Clark hear Daddy's voice. Then he decided that he needed to see "the girls" so we went to their room for some comforting that only siblings can offer. All three piled into Kendall's bed and the girls immediately went to work trying to get him to feel better. Kendall soothed him with her words and kept patting his head. Emma got out the Richard Scarry book, Busy Workers, because she knows that he likes that particular book.
It was actually such a precious exchange that I didn't want to forget so I grabbed my camera, turned on the light and got a few shots. Sure, they were annoyed that it was TOO BRIGHT and the flash made things worse. And Kendall was more interested in making silly faces. But I will never forget this particular time when he sought out his sissies for some snuggle-time.

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Auntie Deb said...

That is too sweet.