Friday, June 6, 2008

18 wks: Time flies, but sometimes the days are a little long.....

Pics: Kendall sharing her best smile with us. Emma in her cute capri pants (but I couldn't get a picture of her while she was awake). Clark hanging out in his bouncy seat and looking particularly cute. All three on Thursday watching a Baby Einstein video, plus Timber relaxing with them and Teddy in back.

Well, we are still moving along. I can't believe that they are 4 and 1/2 mos old already. But the days can be a little long for me at home. I'm thankful to be the primary caregiver, but it is a much more demanding job than I could have imagined, despite what other triplet moms were telling me. The babies are more active each week, so it takes a lot of energy (and I'm no spring chicken) to keep up with the things to be done for them and the household and also try to keep the little ones entertained. It seems that it should be easy to keep an infant entertained, right? I mean you can just look at them and make a goofy face and often you get a smile or a laugh. But keeping them entertained day in and day out... that's a different story.
I'm so lucky to have found Brandi, our "mother's helper". She's 15 and has been a lifesaver this week. I'm hoping she will be here 3 days a week for a few hours a day, but we will have to see whether we can keep that up. She's able to play and /or snuggle with the babies and also do some "baby work" - like laundry, bottles, etc. Of course, often, it's still a two-person job (or more) when more than one baby gets fussy, etc. But it's so nice to know that she is here.
We seem to be going through a strange phase this week where all of the babies have been a little more...umm, challenging, shall we say? Feeding them can sometimes be a little difficult with one baby (who shall remain nameless). But for the last week, it's been hard with all three. No one seems to be able to burp like they did just last week. And they have these little outbursts about halfway through the bottle. Even quiet, zen-like, Clark. I've even begun to wonder about the formula - did I get a bad batch? Are they having trouble with it and we should consider a switch? Are we leaving soap bubbles in the nipples or the bottles and its getting in their milk?
So, we are working to resolve the issues - or at least find the fastest way to remedy the problem as it happens. One aspect of it that makes it a little harder is explaining the different ways to soothe them and how to continue to try to feed them to the various people helping me feed them all day. But we will get through it....and hope that next week will be just a little bit smoother when it comes to mealtime.
I had a chance to get to my triplet group dinner tonight (thanks to Nana, Aunt Karen, Jessica and Connie who babysat). It was one where the dads are invited as well (though Troy had to work) and it was great to be around people who sort of understand what we are going through. There was also a couple there who is 18 wks preggo with their girl-girl-boy triplets and it was nice to feel like I had information to share. I wish that the group (dads too) could get together more often because it really is nice knowing others who have survived this "parenting of triplets thing". And it's just fun to talk about the dynamics of life with triplets and hear about how the kids interact once they are older, etc. It makes me excited to see how our babies end up once they are toddlers.
I guess that is about all for now. Sorry that I'm not full of fun tidbits about the babies this time. They are doing well and still impressing us with all of the new things they come up with each day.
I'll be back again as soon as I can. As Tigger would say...."TTFN"..."ta-ta for now". Hugs and kisses from Kendall, Emma and Clark.

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