Saturday, June 14, 2008

Daddy's First Father's Day

Pics: Kendall. Emma. Clark. All three and Kendall decided she was over it. And, for the record, these were not necessarily the "best" of the pictures, but I thought they were cute or you could see their outfits, etc.

Troy finally had his very first Father's Day. Who would have expected the first one to include THREE babies?!?!?!
Anyway, I'm including some pictures here that our friend, David Scott, took of the babies a couple of weeks ago. I was working on getting pics for Troy as part of his gift. David was kind enough to come to the house and is interested in photographing the babies as they get older. If you are in need of a photographer, please get in touch with me so that I can provide you with David's contact information.

Kendall is still growing like a weed. Yesterday she even ate 7 oz of formula (normally she eats 6 oz, but apparently she was hungry). She has become the "rolling over queen". Often you can barely get her on her tummy and get situated before she rolls over which can lead to bumped noggins when her siblings are on the floor with her. Kendall is also still proving to be the most challenging as she continues to have fussy times (colic?) between 7p and 11p. She is also not a big daytime sleeper, but she sleeps like a rock through the night. We think she would go 8-10 hours if it wasn't for her sister and brother.

Emma remains our little peanut. She also rolled over last night (though it was not Mommy or Daddy who saw it). She's been working pretty hard at that trick, so I was glad that she was successful. Despite the improved disposition of Emma, she still has the loudest voice....whether happy, sad or mad....she can really belt it out. Some people have asked about her eyes and yes, she still has one blue and one brown eye.

Clark has hit a much fussier period lately. He is not quite as easy to feed. He is also much less predictable as he seems to have figured out that the best way to get attention is to scream and cry. I keep trying to explain that he is not allowed to do this since I have enough trouble managing Kendall and Emma. I go to him when I just need to have some quiet reflection....but not any more. Despite all of that, he is also a giggler these days. Funny faces or noises can bring about a laugh from him which is just so awesome.

All three have really become more interested in toys. They grab and hold toys and really light up when they can get noise or motion. We have started using Bumbo seats (they help the babies learn how to sit up) and also the exersaucers (like walkers, but without being able to move around). I'm glad that we can introduce new activities because I'm always concerned that they will get bored with the same old thing every day.

I really need to get some sleep while they are in bed, so I'm going to cut this short. Hope that daddy's out there had a wonderful day. We are very thankful for our dads and the example that they set for us as parents.

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