Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just cute pics

Pics: Kendall trying on her GO VOLS smile (more of that to come). Emma at 7 mos looking oh so precious (sorry it's a repeat, but I wanted to get the others up here and didn't have one of Ems - sorry baby girl). The morning lineup of exersaucer parking at the front door, although they are usually all bunched up so they can see out of the front storm door.
Aunt Sandi and Clark showing off the bib she gave them (don't worry, they are ALL VOL, but we are trying to please the Ohio State relatives :) ). Clark and a cute crooked smile with Daddy - but we cut him out of the picture. Kendall being a superstar!

No time to post a lengthy update. Babies are eating, pooping and sleeping (sometimes). They are making all sorts of new discoveries each day and growing fast. More updates later. Hope you enjoy the pics.