Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family time at The Cove

Pics: Kendall saw the camera and wanted to get it. Mommy and her little buddy, Clark. Emma seems to be interested in a videography career path. Emma in the pack n play sleeping and holding her feet. Clark flashing another beautiful smile. Emma hamming it up. Emma enjoying the outdoors and the sun on her face. Clark napping after a long afternoon at the park (the reason he doesn't appear in as many pictures as the girls). Emma, Daddy and the ducks. Clark being a ham. Kendall and Mommy having a laugh. Emma finding the grass. Emma and her beloved paci. Kendall finding the grass. Kendall and Daddy. Kendall getting sassy with her paci.

We had a great afternoon as a family at The Cove (a park in our area). The weather was PERFECT and the babies did really well being in a new place for such a long time. We tried to get a lot of pictures as this was sort of their first visit to a park (aside from their first walk in a stroller back in March). Kendall and Emma had their first experience touching grass on film, but I missed it with Clark (sorry buddy). All three of them saw ducks, geese and the lake and they also felt the wind on their face (and blowing their hair!!!). Mommy even put socks on the girls because people are always telling me that their feet are cold and it seemed pretty breezy(Clark was napping at the time and wrapped up in a blanket).
Prior to that, I had taken a few pics in their denim (just because), so there is a little mix of scenery (our living room, the park, the pack-n-play).
They are all doing really well. (We will probably mess that up as tomorrow is flu shot day in addition to two more vaccinations.) They have been so much fun to play with and watch them start to interact with each other. Kendall is crawling more and more each day. They are all LOVING the jumperoos and jumping like crazy. They have also really enjoyed spending more time outside as the temperatures have been so pleasant. We sit in rockers on the front porch, exersaucers on the back porch, plus time spent on walks in the strollers. Emma still has the loudest voice, though she seems to be the quietest in terms of the number of times she uses it. Kendall is full of laughs and giggles. And Clark is somewhere in between (starting to chat more and laughing a lot as well). Emma has really started to get pretty giggly in the last couple of days also. It's just so much fun to get them laughing.
I need to get to bed, but hope that you all enjoy the pictures. My thoughts as we left the park today: "A good time was had by all." :)


Coffeybunny said...

I'm so glad your Party of 5 is able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. The kids are beautiful, ya done good.

Anonymous said...

SOOOO stinking cute. Kendall is a mini-me of Kim complete with mischievious smile :)

Emma has much more hair and needs to come to Nashville as my adopted daughter (j/k)

Smiley Clark what a cutie - his blue eyes are knockouts.

Great pictures, hope to come see you guys soon.
Love Aunt Marsha

Rambling Woman said...

Great pictures! They're looking so grown up now. And it's nice to see you in a picture!