Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Fall Vol!!!

Pics: Kendall fell asleep while in her jumperoo. Kendall with Emma in what appears to be a baby-choke-hold. Kendall showing off Mommy's fav jammies (note the hole in the foot because K has gotten to long for them - so now Ems is wearing them). Clark in his cute overalls...looking very handsome. Grandpa and Clark - Happy Fall Vol. Nana, Mommy and the crew. Emma in the Elder-family rocker and more interested in the grass below. Kendall's turn and highly distracted by the mums. Clark's up next and also more interested in mums than smiling. Aunt Karen and Ems. Uncle Tom with Clark and Kendall. Nana managing to squeeze all three on her lap. Grandpa, Daddy and the crew. Grandpa and Ems (how cute is she?). Kendall and her first ride in a swing. Ems first ride. Clark's first ride.

OK, so, it's been a while. Sorry about that. But the good news is that I have some pics from our "photo session" the other day with our friend, David. These pics are from OUR camera and were taken by us (or our family). We are very certain that David will have MUCH better pictures for us from his batch, but I know that friends and family just want to see pictures and it doesn't seem to matter whether they are any good. As you can see, we had a Fall Vol day in our TN Volunteers gear.

And, you will also notice that Kendall is attacking her sister in one picture. She was crawling OVER Emma in order to get to a toy. Not even a toy that Emma was interested in at the time, but she was just in Kendall's path. And Kendall could have taken another route, but going over Emma was just the one that she chose. Now, it's funny. But soon, we will have to start teaching them about being kind to each other, being considerate, sharing, NOT choking each other, etc. How fun that will be!

Clark has TWO, yes two, new teeth coming in - front and center up top. Woo hoo. It also appears that Emma might be getting the same two teeth, though her's haven't come through quite yet. Kendall still remains toothless, but she is obviously perfecting her triplet dominance in other ways (see above paragraph), so teeth are the least of her problems.

They are all getting more hair now too. Daddy is convinced that it is all of the good food that they are eating. Emma actually has some coming over her ears. It's not time to start putting in ponytails (or pigtails) yet, but it's still cute to see more hair.

Kendall is definitely crawling now and also the one who wants to get into everything whenever she has the chance - by crawling or in the walker. She is still trying to get to the trash bags, but we block her from that. She is always the one to find the things that she can't have (and remind us that we REALLY should be more careful). She has a new growl-raspy thing that she does (very similar to the "Waassss uupppp???" thing from a commercial a while back). She is a chatter box and full of giggles. She is also a contortionist on the changing table which is funny and frustrating at the same time. She has also made us laugh in her ability to fall asleep in the wrong place (like the jumperoo - see picture above - or today in the "baby jail"). We can't GET her to nap when we want her to, but then she just falls over in the midst of playing. Too cute.

Emma is now an expert jumper and loves it. She giggles when you praise her and she could stay there forever, or so it seems. She is also doing much better at eating now that we started letting her stick her fingers and hands in her mouth while she eats. It seems that it has made her less interested in doing so, which is a relief, because it gets VERY messy. She is so good at just playing on her own - in the baby jail, the pack n play or her crib. She will wake up and roll around in her crib hanging out with her toys and books or turning the mobile on and off. While she is still the petite one, it is clear that she is growing as she is moving into more 6 mos things rather than 3-6 mos. And her halloween jammies barely fit since she seems to have gotten longer since we first tried them on. Ems has started to smile a lot more and also loves to chat. Her favorite place is outside and we could just spend the whole day there and she would be completely happy.

It is still so easy to coax Clark into smiling. He is such a bright, cheery baby. He loves to be in the jumpy seat, though he has taken a liking to the electronic toys in the "baby jail". He loves pressing the buttons and hearing certain sounds over and over (and over). He isn't really crawling, but is doing well at sitting up and scooting around to get where he wants to be. He can really relax during a walk and just seems to take in all of the scenery. Lately, he hasn't been the best sleeper and has had to spend some early mornings (5am'ish) with Mommy in bed so that he doesn't wake the others (Mommy enjoys the one-on-one snuggle time). He LOVES to eat. I think that he could almost care less about bottles anymore, though he will usually eat them. Now he is all about fruits and veggies (though not a big fan of squash). He is the neatest of the three when it comes to mealtimes and he still stays in the "ready position" with his mouth wide open when you send a spoon his direction.

The three of them are beginning to pay more attention to each other, though it isn't always for the right reasons. Often it's when one child gets a toy that one of the others decides that is a great thing to play with. At this point, it isn't that they are doing anything intentional, but it still shows that we have a lot of sharing to do. They are also always trying to steal each other's pacifiers. The other day, Emma was sucking on Kendall's paci and it was clipped onto Kendall's bib. I don't know that Kendall even knew what to do at that point.

Well, it's time for me to get to bed. I hope that you all enjoy the pictures.


Jess Snapp said...

These pictures are absolutely adorable - I can't believe how much they have grown!

Can't wait to go walking with you all again! :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite pics are in the big kid swing, they look like they are having a blast.
Grandpa L needs a Vols shirt too to match with his grandchildren :)
Cheerleader outfits are adorable!
Love Aunt Marsha

Rambling Woman said...

I can't believe how big they are getting! And they are all so CUTE!