Friday, October 31, 2008

Babies' First Halloween; 9 Months Old!!!

Pics: Kendall Bunny. Clark's first "costume" as a pumpkin. Emma Bunny. Emma trying to stretch out in the choo choo wagon and see the stars. Clark and Uncle Tom. Sleeping bunny (K) and the other two party animals going for a Halloween stroll with Uncle Tom in front of the house. Sleeping bunny (E). Ems and Uncle Stevie having fun. "Uncle" Tommy and Clark (once Clark had switched to his other "costume" as the new UT football coach). "Uncle" Tommy and Kendall. "Aunt" Teff and Kendall. Clark's new "smile" where he opens his mouth really wide. Aunt Karen with Kendall (being a ham) and Ems trying to drink her bottle shortly after K climbed on Aunt Karen to try to confiscate said bottle. Nana reading a book with Kendall. Ems on mohawk hair night after baths. Clark's mohawk. Kendall's mohawk.

I'll update later. Babies on the move (it;s now really Saturday morning).


Anonymous said...

I am lovin' the bunny costumes and Clark's new "smile!" ADORABLE! :)


J Snapp

Coffeybunny said...

Precious ones, looks like you had a fun evening.
And the sleeping bunny pic is my favorite. Not just b/c she's a bunny...