Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby Takeover; Kendall has a tooth

Pics: Clark and Kendall lounging/playing together. Clark in his cute "future Wall St Journal reader bib (from Theresa). Emma rolling around being happy. Clark at his safari activity table. Emma on her first Tigger ride. Kendall on her first Tigger ride. Clark is all smiles with those teeth. Kendall hamming it up with Aunt Karen (she saw the camera was out and started smiling). A few pics of the new Baby Zone. Emma striking the "Louis pose" while napping. Emma and Kendall enjoying time in their new space.

Well, they are officially taking over the house. This comes as no surprise to us, mind you, but it is happening. We had originally set up the smaller dining room as the playroom. On Sunday we decided to go ahead and move the dining room table (it's smaller now without the leaves/extensions) out of the larger room and into the smaller room. The babies will get the larger dining room as their least for now. We felt like they weren't getting enough opportunities to stretch their legs and practice crawling with things set up as we had them. Now they have a huge space for playing with toys, crawling, beating each other up, etc. We will still keep some toys elsewhere (jumperoo's are in the family room, walkers are in the kitchen) because we are in those rooms and the babies will want to be there at times with us. But the majority of their things will go to the new, improved, expanded and revised playroom.
Despite the larger area, I still saw Kendall climbing over both Emma and Clark earlier today. They also still tend to come together in the same area in the play yard (AKA Baby Jail) as they are always interested in the same toy once one child beings playing with something. Another favorite pastime is known as "steal my sister or brother's paci". It's great fun for all, except the one it is stolen from. We have witnessed a baby taking a paci from another one's mouth when the accused thief is already sucking on a paci! It's crazy stuff.

Kendall has found her "bye-bye hand" though she doesn't know it yet. We are also happy to report that KENDALL HAS A TOOTH! Yes, it is true. A tooth has begun to show up (actually it came out last Thursday, Oct. 9). We are glad that the drooling finally has a specific purpose. Kendall is also mastering the yoga pose "downward facing dog". It is too funny as she gets her legs up under her, but straight up. And her bottom is way up in the air. It has something to do with her "form" of crawling, but I haven't really figured it out yet. K is able to find more to do when playing alone, often just laying on her back, staring up at the ceiling (fan, light, air vent or just the ceiling) and kicking one leg up in the air. playing with the others is still something she will have to work on. :) She is still the one who wants to put on a show and loves to ham it up for the camera. I think maybe she will be our little rock star like Daddy.

Also gaining teeth is Emma with at least one (maybe two) upper teeth. She is making every toy wet because she is sucking on everything. It's pretty gross, actually, but cute too. She is working hard at sitting up and also crawling. She is still in the early stages of crawling, but she does get around to everything she needs. She has also become a master jumper in the doorway jumpy things. She seems to love bouncing around. She is able to spend more time playing independently as well, which, again, is very good news for us. A funny thing about her time with siblings is when she seems to want to use them (or their bottoms) as a pillow. It looks like Ems finds comfort being close to the other two and likes to lay against them at times. Very cute. She still loves to sing and chatter whenever - but especially when she is outside. I kind of think that she likes how it sounds outside to hear her voice, but who knows.

Clark seems to have teeth coming in everywhere. He has his upper two front teeth peeking out and now it looks like the ones on either side are also trying to pop through. He is getting much better at sitting up, though I still don't really see him trying to crawl anywhere. Again, he does appear to move around sometimes, but I'm not sure exactly how he did it. He is also good at keeping himself entertained when he is alone, though he gets pretty frustrated when trying to play with his sisters as they always want to steal the toy he has or they want to plow over him to get to something. He loves the safari activity table and can sit for a while making everything work. I think he actually understands that a certain lever makes these little circles spin, etc. What a little smarty-pants. He is still good for a good cuddle with mommy or daddy and it is quite rewarding to have him hold you around the next and snuggle his face in your shoulder.

Well, I guess it's about time that I go make bottles or put away baby clothes. Thanks again for keeping up with our progress.

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Anonymous said...

OMG I better get to Knoxville before you guys change anymore. Teeth, and holding heads up and more hair - they are turning from babies to toddlers quick!
As if Clark wasnt cute enough with those eyes, he now has those cute teeth to show the girls too.
Love Aunt Marsha