Saturday, February 21, 2009

Big Kids!

I just wanted to give a "shout out" to my BIG KIDS! All three of them (yes, including Clark) slept the whole night without Mommy or Daddy intervention! Woo hoo! We got almost EIGHT HOURS of uninterrupted sleep!

We've been working on Clark this week to get him to stay in his own bed (which is now a pack n play in the guest room). We had developed a bad habit of bringing him to our bed when he woke up (every night) screaming. The concern is that he will wake up Emma who also sleeps in the nursery with him, so we run out with him. And, of course, we are sleep-deprived, so we want to get back to sleep as soon as possible and bringing him in with us was the best way to make that happen. Bad Mommy. Bad Daddy. Then we started this other really cool habit of giving him a bottle in the middle of the night. It calmed him down and he would go right back to sleep. So, this week was "sleep training" (tough love, whatever you want to call it) for Clark (and Mommy & Daddy) where we had to get him to learn to soothe himself. It took four nights (not bad) and last night was wonderful and he is much happier this morning after getting a good night of sleep.

The girls have been doing really well most nights and last night was no exception.

In other news, our bottles are 2/3 WHOLE MILK and 1/3 formula. We are on our LAST CAN of formula that we ever plan to buy! They seem to be doing pretty well with this and also with sippy cups at meal and snack times. Oh, and the picture above is of the three now drinking bottles all on their own in big-kid chairs (thanks to Jeri for those cute chairs). One of our helpers was a little sad that they didn't need her to feed them a bottle. I have to say, at times, it's a little sad, but generally, I've fed them so many bottles that I'm glad to see them gaining some independence and plus they are just so darn cute kicking back and drinking bottles. Next progression is away from bottles and on to sippy cups exclusively. Good times.

I have to get going as we are headed to Sam's this morning for a quick family outing before their morning nap. :) Have a great weekend.

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