Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time Change

Well, I don't have pics to post tonight, but promise to get back here with some quickly. I realized that I haven't posted in a while and just wanted to give a quick update.
We managed to get everyone to bed by 8:40p tonight, despite the time change, which isn't too bad. The day was really nice as the temps were warm here and we spent lots of time outdoors. The babies had a play area on the back porch for a while early this afternoon. They really enjoy being outside and it was really cute to see the wind blowing their hair around. Outdoor noises are really fascinating to them as are the leaves blowing across the porch and the dogs barking next door. We also got to take them for a nice, long walk before naptime.
Kendall is getting a little more daring at letting go of things and standing on her own. She LOVES the new play kitchen that is set up in the "baby super zone". Unfortunately, she has been the victim of the oven door shutting on her fingers (more than once), but she seems to keep going back to it everyday. She loves to open and shut the door. The problem is when brother, Clark, steps in to play also and leans on the door. Ouch! Kendall is still pretty talkative, but I think the only new word she has spoken is "Nana". And I think she says something like "all done" (when she's done eating or drinking). She had been our best eater, but has hit a little bump in the road where she seems to be more interested in the sweet stuff. We have tried really hard to keep them away from most sweets, but fruit is their "dessert" and she is a big fan of the fruit....blueberries, pears, peaches. It's all yummy. And she still loves puffs and Rice Chex.
Emma appears to be the one who might walk first, but we won't know until it happens. She is really standing on her own, bouncing and dancing (without holding onto anything) and even bending to pick something up and standing back up without assistance. She seems to be aware that she is doing something new and enjoys it. Music still brings out the best in her. She perks up, hums and chirps, bounces and dances and bobs her head when she hears music - whether it's a video, a CD or a toy that makes music. She is very vocal and talkative, though we are only really getting mama and dada (or "DA!!!" - when she yells for him in the morning while she waits for him to come and get her).
Clark is also pretty confident about standing and moving around from place to place and letting go to stand on his own at times. He loves the ball pit and the Little People toys and also still seems to love his time in the jumpy seat that hangs in the doorway. He is also more vocal these days, though still no specific words as of yet. He seems to enjoy interacting more with the girls these days and even getting on Emma's nerves when he tries to hold onto her arm during mealtime. She really starts to holler, though that doesn't seem to have any impact on his desire to make contact. :) And he has also started to steal food from her tray. Kind of funny since he was the one being stolen from in the past. He also got a "taste of his own medicine" this afternoon when Kendall bit his finger. He has been the biter of the group, so it was sad to see him hurting, but I was hoping that maybe he learned a lesson (but I sort of doubt it since I saw him put his finger back in her mouth about 10 minutes later).
All three kids have become quite proficient at using their sippy cups. They are still drinking about 2-3 bottles per day (of 100% whole - organic - milk!!! No more formula!!!), but they get some water and leftover milk in their sippy cups and a little juice with the water at times.
I'm in the process of clearing out bottles and all of the other unnecessary stuff that they no longer need. It is quite "freeing", but a big process too. We try to keep extras of some items for car trips or overnight trips with friends/family, but then again, I don't want to keep EVERYTHING. Ugh. There is just SO much stuff. :)
I really need to get to bed, but again, I promise to post pics in the next few days.
HAPPY WARM WEATHER!!! Spring is on the way!!!

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