Monday, June 8, 2009

Slacker Mommy Blogger

Pics: (These posted backwards in terms of when they were taken.) Kendall kickin' it in the choo choo wagon after some outdoor fun in the water. Ems showing off her "hi-ya" karate chop. All three in their pool. Looks like Clark had the best time, though he still thinks he can breathe under water which is NEVER good (but how cute is he in that suit????). Kendall showing us another cheesy smile and her adorable green suit that Miss Lisa got for her during her weekend at "Casa de Carroll". Emma looking exceptionally cute in her purple swimsuit (and FINALLY feeling better after being sick for more than a week!). All three of them in the carnage that was an entire can of pumpkin (it was "orange" day for lunch - carrots, pumpkin, peaches, cheese toast). They ate/wore a whole can of pumpkin between them (they do LOVE the pumpkin!). Another picture at mealtime when Emma had a particularly crazy hair day. Last week we had our first trip outside with the "sprinkler mat-thingy" and there are a few pics of everyone outside playing in it. They were NOT wearing their bathing suits, so we started in clothes that got soaked and got down to diapers that were soggy and drooping by the time we headed back inside. Lots of fun though! The deck/lake picture was taken during Mommy and Daddy's time at our friend's lake house a couple of weeks ago. And the other pics were from Mother's Day.... We didn't do a great job getting pics that day, but you can see where Emma tried to run off to some other family (she was the one with the stick). And then you will see the back of Kendall as Daddy returned once he had captured our little runaway. The last picture was taken at IHOP on Mother's Day. Mommy and Emma went out to celebrate with Nana, Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom and Tommy and Stephanie. Daddy got her dressed to surprise Mommy so that she would get out for breakfast with Nana. It was great to get out and Emma had fun stealing my whipped cream off of my strawberry crepes. :)

OK, I'm a terrible mommy-blogger. If we are being honest here, I will just say that lately I have enjoyed reading blogs but haven't wanted to write on one. I know that there are triplet-baby-fans out there waiting on pictures, so I'm going to try to give you guys the "fix" that you are looking for and post a few pics to get everyone caught up. Check back in a couple of days and I'll track down the card from the other camera and get more pics posted and actually post an update.

But, I do want to announce that CLARK IS A WALKER! Yes folks, he is walking and has been for a couple of weeks. We are so happy for him because he seems to LOVE it. Our Big Boy is getting around on his own and giggling constantly.

I promise to try to get back here with the updates and more pics. And I will make the effort to be a better Mommy-Blogger and keep everyone up-to-date on the happenings within the Louis household.
Thanks for your patience.

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