Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Fun

We have some family visiting from Ohio this week and the kids met for the first time last night. Emma Grace is almost 2, so she's a little older than our three, but they were thrilled to have someone much closer to their own size in the play zone with them. She had the cutest pigtails that Clark was eyeballing from the get-go. I think he was planning his attack, though he never actually pulled on them. Nanny Barbara also took our three back to the zoo today and used her recently purchased Runabout Triple Stroller. I'm sure this drew some attention, but she loves this type of stroller much more than trying to pull the choo choo wagon around. Three toddlers can get a little heavy to pull all over the zoo. :) We have more "footage" from our new porch area that now has shade and the padded mats so that they don't knock themselves out if they fall down. It can get a little "slippery when wet" (a little Bon Jovi memory here), but it's lots of fun and we just have to be careful.

We also have a little video from our Father's Day breakfast at McDonald's with Grandpa, Uncle Stevie and Uncle Albert (and Daddy, of course). Notice the burp by Clark while snuggling with Daddy. It was his little gift. :)

I'm going to get this posted and go visit with the family for a while. We'll check back in soon.

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