Monday, July 20, 2009

July Memories - Catching Up With Pictures

July has been a busy month with out-of-town visitors. We have been so blessed to have family members travel to Knoxville to see the kids and the rest of the family - and the sights of East Tennessee, of course. I realized that I had neglected to post pictures from our trip downtown to the Market Square interactive fountain in early July. The Isch's (my side of the family) came to town for about 4 days from Ohio and we were lucky to get in a great day of playtime for the kids and sightseeing for the adults.
Aunt Marsha, Uncle Bill and cousins Marshall and David have also been in Knoxville in the process of taking David to camp. We had a great time with them at the zoo this past Saturday as well as adult-time to celebrate Troy's birthday at Pelancho's one Saturday evening.
We had more visitors from OH (my side again) this past weekend as well as my cousin and his twin boys from Denver, CO. Again, we had great fun catching up and getting some pictures taken at the same time.

I have a hard time adding captions or descriptions to the pictures when I post on the blog, so I'm going to try to let you know who is in the pictures:

The blonde toddler is Emma Grace from OH and is my cousin, Susan's,daughter. The kids had a lot of fun playing with Emma Grace during her visit because she is a little older and has more freedom than they do and they wanted to find out how that was possible. She was with Clark in the rocker at Mast General Store downtown. She was also part of the water play in Market Square a few weeks ago. There are also pictures including my cousins, Pat and Larry and their daughter,(adult) Kristen (as well as their other daughter, Susan and their granddaughter, Emma Grace).

Aunt Marsha is in a picture with Emma. Marshall (their cousin) is in one picture from our trip on Saturday to the zoo. He did a great job helping us get the kids loaded into their strollers when we arrived at the zoo. He was also really good at encouraging them to see animals, etc.

Aunt Marsha, Uncle Stevie and Daddy are in a picture from Pelancho's when we went out to celebrate Daddy's birthday. We had a great time with them and the food was really good, as usual.

My cousin, Doug, and his twin boys (who are 9), Alex and Evan, were here from Denver, CO last weekend. The boys played with the kids in the play zone and were even subjected to a Wiggles dance video and an Elmo DVD...and survived. They had fun playing with a neighbor out front and then got in a visit to the Smokies, Zuma Fun Center and their hotel pool. I included some pictures with Aunt Edna, Nana, Doug, Evan, Alex, Uncle Ray, Barbara, Sharon and maybe Troy or myself. We were trying to get in a few pictures before everyone headed out of town and the kids were at home with Uncle Stevie.

I've been posting video lately and realized that I haven't managed to get any pictures on here and thought it was time to catch up. Troy and I are spending a couple of days at a friend's lake house while Nanny Barbara stays with the kids. Needless to say, we are very relieved to know that the kids are happy and doing well while we are taking a break.

One more note relates to the pictures of Emma and Kendall in their dinnertime bibs and highchairs. Not great facial expressions, necessarily, but we wanted to show the first attempt at some sort of pig tails - or spout - with their hair on top. These didn't last long as they were pulling at them shortly after Daddy got them "installed". :) But TOO CUTE. I hope we can get to the pig tails soon enough.

By the way, here are the latest "stats" on the kids:

Kendall 22.8 lbs and 31.4 inches
Emma 20.0 lbs and 31.5 inches (this is not correct since she isn't taller than the other two, but was very squirmy when they were trying to get her height)
Clark 22.6 lbs and 32.2 inches

Obviously, Ems remains our little peanut, but the dr is very happy with their growth and development and they are happy, healthy babies - OK, toddlers. :)

Happy July!

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