Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Babies Babies Everywhere.....

Pictures: Kendall. Clark. Emma. Emma in a basket (of laundry) where she was temporarily content - or shocked that we put her there??? Kendall and Emma showing off the ruffles on their bums with Aunt Tami.

Thought we'd share more pictures. "Aunt" Tam was here this weekend and the babies were VERY happy to see her. We had told them she was coming and showed them their choo choo wagon that she had given them.
We have also been SO fortunate to have a few baby cuddlers show up this week just to give our little ones some lovin'. We already love Pam (AKA The Baby Whisperer), Jan and Ann who just spent time snuggling with one or more of the babies. There were others who helped us survive another challenging week like Aunt Karen, Uncle Tom, "Uncle" Tommy and "Aunt" Teff, Nana, Uncle Stevie, Grandpa, Aunt Marsha, Jeri, Cynthia, Jovelyn, Sharon & Ron, Kate, Sunny and a very kind Sunday School class from Grace Lutheran including our friend, Theresa. We have received many wonderful meals in addition to prayers and baby help. We are so grateful for all of your help and support.
This week, we will have our first night with Ashley. She was one of the nurses from the NICU and we are going to have her help us out one night per week for now. We are looking forward to seeing her this evening.
Emma had a rough week, but things seemed a little better for the last day or two. The dr put her on Axid, which would help reflux, assuming that might be the problem. Since she seems so much calmer (except for a few outbursts), we are thinking that might be what's going on. Right now, they are all sleeping peacefully in their boppies (crescent-shaped pillows) on our bed....even Emma. She still requires more one-on-one time, but we are hoping that things are looking up with her.
Clark and Kendall are still hanging in there and being patient about getting time with Mommy and Daddy. They are all having more periods of time when they are very alert - especially Kendall. She seems to really love the activity mat and the bouncy seat with the ocean lights and sounds. Clark is also super alert and tends to really stare at you when you talk to him. They are all kicking more and when you are feeding them, that can get a little uncomfortable when they get you in the gut. Emma can lift and turn her head when you are trying to burp her on your shoulder. I think they are all going to be overachievers, but I'm biased. :) We are really hoping for continuous warmer weather so that we can load them up in the stroller and talk a walk around the block.
That's all for now. Clark is reminding me that he still hasn't had breakfast. Hope you enjoy the pics.

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Robert Williams said...

Hey... those look just like precious little babies! How'd that happen so quick? Isn't that amazing?

It seems like only yesterday it was
August 2007

Can't wait to meet them!