Monday, March 3, 2008

Baby Update

Once again, I'm limited to six pictures at a time, but here they are: Some people are questioning if I'm even around with the babies, so here's one of me with Emma the day they came home. The "crew" lined up at 5am. Kendall is in back after being fed, then it was Clark's turn, but he got "bumped" for Emma as she was fussier. Daddy with Emma on his belly. Daddy and Kendall hanging out. "Uncle" Tommy with everyone together.

We have been to see the pediatrician twice - once last Monday and then again today. Babies are doing well and growing fast. We are already growing out of most of the preemie clothes. Today, Kendall weighed in at 6lb 3oz and Emma & Clark both at 5lb 13oz. Yes, Clark is catching up and has gained about a pound since he came home just 1wk and 3 days ago.
Kendall is growing and sleeping. I guess her sleeping is helpful to her growth, so that's good. She still coos and continues to be our "zen baby" for now. She seems to like having time on the activity mat to just hang out and look around. And her big, beautiful eyes are just awesome.
Emma has been a little challenging. We think that we are dealing with colic, rather than reflux or something similar, but still aren't sure. We are working to try a new formula though she's been getting breastmilk exclusively in an effort to help her feel better. Aside from that, she is still just beautiful and has a great time hanging close to Daddy and others as we work to soothe her during her "bad times" and right after eating.
Clark is busy growing as well, although he is probably the most alert of the three. He also seems to enjoy time on the activity mat, but really likes to hang out in the Boppy. He tends to get "bumped" in the line-up of feeding when Emma or Kendall require immediate attention. He's starting to get chubbier cheeks and we find that he will just sit and stare at you if you start chatting with him.
We'd like to thank those of you who have been so kind to schedule time to help us with the babies or around the house and/or who have sent meals. Aunt Marsha was here for the weekend to help us out and we are so grateful. Chanda continues to take calls and emails from people offering to help out. We are working to try to schedule regular visits each week by anyone who is able to do so and are also thrilled with any sort of help offered. Thanks also for your prayers and support. We are getting by on much less sleep than usual, but again, it is SO worth it to have them at home with us! They are so lovable and precious (even our little "fussy pants" with colic). We are so grateful for these miracles!

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