Thursday, March 13, 2008

First Outing in the Park - the Crazy Stroller's First Appearance

The weather here yesterday was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and warm. We decided that it would be good for babies and parents to get out in the sunshine for a short walk. This was our first outing with the babies (aside from the trips to the pediatrician) and also the first time we have loaded up the infamous Triple Decker stroller. We have heard that it can draw a crowd. Fortunately, it wasn't particularly busy at the park. We did get stopped within 45 seconds of loading them up and beginning to walk. The lady asked if we get stopped often and we said that she was the "first" (but we didn't think to get a picture). We also had "family-time" at Sonic for lunch prior to our walk. The babies didn't seem to mind the smell of onions in the car, though I half expected Clark to tell us he wanted some tots. :)
Clark's "girlfriend" Connie and Lesly were back again to give us some baby help and we were so happy to see them. And Tuesday night was our first one with Ashley, the baby nurse. She was wonderful and we wish that she could just live here with us and help us learn how to manage things better. But we are very thankful to have her for one night a week.
That's all for now. Back soon.

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Anonymous said...

Wish it was that warm here. Looks like a fun day for all. See you in May!