Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brief Update

Pics: Trying to pose the three together for a picture is a challenge - the Louis babies kickin' it. Kendall with her bum in the air.

Sorry, but we just haven't taken too many pictures lately. We'll work on that. The group photo was an effort, but I thought this was one of the cute ones, though not well-posed.

The new "routine" is going OK. We are back to feeding the babies every 3 hours in order to get them to sleep better at night. Once we can get 10 hours or so out of them, we can move back to a 4 hour schedule. We are also just about ready to start cereal,etc. The dr had asked us to wait another month and we are just about there. And we are both hopeful that it will help to get the munchkins to sleep a little longer.

The 3 hour schedule is really hard after living on a 4 hour schedule for so long. I don't feel that they are napping consistently and it seems like I'm always getting ready to feed them now, but this is just temporary. And I don't know that they are really eating more with the addition of another feeding. We had to adjust the amts in the bottles because there were many times that they never seemed to be interested in eating throughout the day. Aside from all of that, the schedule does seem to be working as they are sort of sleeping about 7 hours per night with very few incidences of waking up.

Kendall and Clark are still getting used to the sleep sacks instead of being swaddled. It allows them to move around more so they seem to wake themselves up. As does bashing their heads on the rails of the cribs. We have bumpers but have been told by many that we shouldn't use them because it's dangerous. We are sort of on the fence, but haven't put them in the cribs again. The picture of Kendall is from the other day when she managed to end up with her bum in the air because she is always rolling onto her tummy. Sort of nerve-wracking for us, but we are told that they should be able to roll themselves back over so that they can breathe just fine. It's still hard to be sure that its safe, but you just have to have faith that it will be OK.

Gotta get to bed while they are asleep. I'll work on more pics for the next posting.

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