Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hello from Bristol

Well, Troy and I are on our "weekend away" and will be headed back tomorrow morning. In some ways it is too soon as I'm just beginning to decompress. In other ways, I am ready to get back to hugging my munchkins. We are so fortunate to have "Team Triplets" (aka Aunt Tam, Lola, Beth and Kelly) at our house taking great care of them. Aunt Tam was nice enough to send us some pics from yesterday and I'm posting some of them tonight.
Kendall is still the smiley one although not so talkative. She also remains the one who doesn't want to nap all day and would prefer to spend most of her time being held by anyone who will do so.
Emma is just a hoot with her gigantic squeal. She is SO loud and it is SO cute. She likes to babble. She seems to be sleeping the best these days but that is probably because she is the only one who still gets swaddled.
Clark seems to have found his voice and has become quite talkative. He is a PRO at the jumpy seat thing. He also loves to kick it in front of the TV whenever he is allowed.
I just got back from a movie near our hotel (I went to see Mamma Mia and Troy went to the Dark Knight). He will still be gone for another 45 min or so and I figured this was the best time to catch up on the blog. We have had a nice time visiting Bristol, Abingdon and Damascus. It has been nice to sleep without listening to a baby monitor with three not-so-quiet sleeping babies. There always seems to be someone grumbling or cooing or getting comfortable. It can be quite entertaining, but also isn't so good for Mommy, the light-sleeper. Anyway, we will be back at it tomorrow around lunch. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we did.


coffeybunny said...

I'm so happy that you were able to take a break and get some rest. Baby monitors don't make for good sleep!

Rambling Woman said...

I diched my baby monitor. I couldn't sleep at all with it on. But Cakes room was just down the hall so I could hear her if she really needed me. Plus your super mommy hearing kicks in as soon as they enter this world. Babies make so much noice sleeping!

Anonymous said...

Amen to Rambling Woman's comment. Of course, baby monitors barely existed in the dark ages. You know my shy, retiring kids (well they did have their moments), and they could make themselves known quite well.
Glad y'all had a couple of days away. I know sometimes it has to be more one MINUTE at a time than one DAY at a time.
You are all five in my prayers continually. I love you!
Big Sister & Aunt Sandi