Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa Louis!

Pics: Birthday boy, Grandpa Louis and Auntie Laverne (visiting from California). Grandpa with the first two grandchildren, David and Marshall. The Louis family - Uncle Albert, Daddy Troy, Grandpa, Uncle Stevie, Aunt Marsha, David and Marshall. Grandpa and Kendall. Grandpa and Emma.

No time to write as I should be in bed as it is. We are working on a new schedule/routine for the babies in an effort to get them to sleep better at night. I'll be back soon to update everyone.
We just wanted to wish Grandpa a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And say thanks to Auntie Laverne for being in town for the big event and for her help with the babies over the weekend.

P.S. Emma found her feet on the Fourth! She has a new favorite "toy" now as she sits everywhere holding her feet. What fun!

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