Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fun on Market Square

Kendall watching a mommy put her baby's toes in the water spray.

"Whatch' you talkin' about Willis???"

Daddy worked a little overtime today just for kicks and we got together with Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom to take the kids to Market Square.  The girls, in particular, were a little "off" today.  I won't say that they were in a terrible mood, but not necessarily cooperative.  And not always happy and ready to have fun.  We were met with a number of protests along the way, but we kept on pushing forward to get there.  Uncle Tom and Clark left to run a few errands and met us downtown.  I think Clark really enjoyed his one-on-one time with Uncle Tom.
Originally, we had planned to have lunch at a little cafe on Market Square that my parents liked, but it closed (and I don't know how long ago that happened).  Instead, we did a little wandering and the kids were able to taste some "jelly bean tomatoes" (they are small and very sweet).  Emma seemed to be a fan, but Kendall was kind enough to give her's away.  Afterwards, we strolled along looking at some of the fruits, veggies, bakery goods, etc that various vendors had for sale and listened to a man playing the guitar.  There are a number of people who bring their dogs to the area, so it is fun to check out the many sizes, shapes and breeds of puppies out and about. 
Despite numerous dining options, we chose Subway because they actually have seating and an indoor restroom.  It turned out to be a pretty bad choice because the service was terrible and it was REALLY warm in the restaurant where we sat.  But we survived and then the kids were ready to get in the water/fountains.  I had hoped that they would end up too tired to get wet, but that was not the case.  In the end, I'm glad that they jumped around in the water because I think they were worn out by the time we left and the ride home was peaceful.  They even went down for naps with very little protest.  Whew.
Now for Sunday.....thinking the zoo, maybe?  We'll see.

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