Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday Sprinklers

We had a threat of rain all day Sunday and two of our wonderful children slept in until 10am, so we decided to just turn on the sprinkler outside before lunchtime and give them some time to run around.

It was finally a chance for me to just sit down and try to get some photographs of the kids and keep the camera in "manual mode", which has been a challenge lately.  I'm struggling to get pics taken often and since we are usually inside in the evening, I tend to turn the camera to "auto" (a big no-no from my photography class almost two years ago) so that I can at least get a shot that is in focus and has a reasonable chance at the correct lighting.  Sunday was an overcast day and the perfect opportunity to try my hand at manual again.  And it was FUN! [I should note that Clark has a piece of grass right by his nose that looks a little less than ideal for a photo, but I am not bothering to work on the editing before posting this time.  Forgive my laziness, but I just wanted to get another post out here before I call it a day.]

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