Monday, August 22, 2011

Twinkle Toes in the Making.....

Can't wait to dance!

Tiny tap shoes.

Trying out the tap shoes on the ceramic tile (no tiles were harmed during this photo shoot).

Check out sassy Kendall!

Emma adding some attitude.
K got into some trouble before trying on the ballet slippers and this was the best she could do....

I think Ems liked the tap shoes better.

The girls are getting ready for their first dance class tomorrow evening!  It's Wee Dance (or something like that) at KnoxDanceWorx.  We won a year of classes for one child (at a Knoxville Multiples Club meeting) and decided to sign up both girls this year.  They have an hour class once per week where they spend half of the time learning ballet and the other half learning how to tap dance.  I am SO excited because I grew up taking tap lessons, so I'm hopeful that at least one of them actually like tap dancing. :) (Yes, I am a tap-dancing nerd and proud of it!)
At the moment, they are pretty excited to put on the leotards, tights and tap shoes.  The ballet shoes were good too, but they definitely enjoyed the noise generated by the tap shoes.
I'm sure I will have to be back soon with updates on how their first class went, so stay tuned.  I am trying to get back to being the diligent blog-posting mommy because I know how much this will mean to me many years from now.
For now, I must sign off and get to bed as another day of fun is just around the corner!

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