Saturday, November 5, 2011

Remember Us???

Yes it HAS been a while. I have started so many posts that just never made it. And I've thought about so many other posts that I needed to get onto the blog that never quite happened. But, here I am posting again after MUCH too long.
Today was just one of those days that I don't want to forget. Daddy had special time with Clark. He might have to elaborate on his own, but I do know that it involved some putt putt golf and then games, like Skee-ball, at Zuma. Afterwards, they dined at Long's Drug Store (up at the counter) on burgers, fries and a yummy vanilla milkshake. According to Daddy, it was one of the best shakes he's ever had, so that is certainly saying something. I believe that the one-on-one time is really important for most children and Clark certainly does seem to benefit from it.

The girls, Auntie Karen and I had other plans. We were going to Disney on Ice. It's a first for me, but Auntie Karen has been telling me about it for years. It was pretty amazing, especially for a Disney fan like me. I wish that I could have taken more pictures of the girls during the show, but I had the wrong lens since I was hoping to get some shots of the characters during the show too. And, once I looked over the pics, I realized that the girls were wearing their coats in almost every picture, so you can't see how adorable they looked in their dresses, tights and fancy shoes. :)
The "oohs and aahs" were so sweet and the squeals of excitement when Mickey and Minnie first came out onto the ice were something that I don't want to forget. Kendall would ask "Are we done?" each time they would skate off to indicate a change of story. She wasn't ready to go, but I think she was just wondering when all of the excitement would have to come to an end. They loved eating the cotton candy (and the girls would imitate the guy yelling "Cotton Candy Candy") and got every last drop of their snow cones in the super-special Disney on Ice cups. We chose a Shark cup for Clark because, of course, he HAD to have one. We also grabbed a souvenir program which will help to remind us of each scene throughout the show.
After experiencing the wonder and excitement of the Disney on Ice show with the girls, I am definitely ready to load them up and head to Disney World. I think they would absolutely LOVE it, but we are hoping to wait until they are past the nap-stage of their lives before we take such a big trip.
It was an amazing day and I hope that the girls will always remember their first Disney on Ice!

Trying to get a picture before the show but Kendall was too cold to focus.

Kendall enjoying what I believe is her first snow cone.

A snow cone, a fantastic up AND a super-cool spoon-straw?!?!

"See ya real soon!"

Burning off some of that sugar/energy after the show.

I just had to post a shot of the GORGEOUS fall colors that surrounded us today!

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