Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas at Dollywood: Part 1

Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom took Emma to Dollywood last weekend. It was supposed to be a trip for both girls but Kendall was just not feeling up to the trip and opted to wait until next weekend. Emma was obviously very happy to have her auntie and uncle all to herself!

Apparently she had a mouth full of chicken when Santa greeted her, but that looks more like she was just suspicious of his fashion choices.

Auntie Karen is pleased to share the "lefty" world with her niece and show her that coloring with her left hand is just right. :)

And I think Uncle Tom was terrified when he found out that Emma hadn't passed her driving exam quite yet!

Stay tuned for more pics in Part 2 when they take Clark and Kendall for a Christmas trip to Dollywood!

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