Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fantasy of Trees Recap

I realized that I never managed to get a post on the blog about our trip to the Fantasy of Trees. This is an annual event in our area that benefits the local Children's Hospital and occurs during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The kids love it more every year and we really enjoy the many activities that they offer for young children and anyone who wants to get in the Christmas spirit.
Uncle Stevie rode with us and we met up with Auntie Karen, Ms. Dee (my friend from work) and Ms. Lindsay and her adorable niece, G.
Our annual tradition of creating Christmas potholders imprinted with their handprints went more smoothly than ever. I do wonder how much longer we will manage to put all three handprints on one potholder though. It's getting a little crowded.
They really had fun riding on the carousel and also the ride that resembles spinning teacups but was a berry theme (a berry-go-round). We attended a little party with special guest, Santa, that included singing, story time and crafts. And, as if that wasn't enough, they each got a great little goodie bag with fun Christmas treats and toys.
I hope to continue to post more updates of memories from 2011 that I missed. Stay tuned!

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