Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Playing Restaurant

I am so totally amazed by the "imaginary play" thing that my kids engage in when given the opportunity.  The other evening, they took my order for their restaurant.  Kendall was the waitress getting the order.  Then Clark was the chef and Emma the expediter.  It was hilarious.  And even funnier was when Kendall asked what I wanted to eat.  I told her a grilled cheese, sweet potato fries and a salad.  "You want a drink with that?" was her response.  Then she proceeded to take me to my table and stepped away.  Moments later, she informed me that they were out of the food.  When I asked what food was available, she went to the "window" to ask (this was the TV) and came back saying that there wasn't any food left.  She wasn't worried and didn't offer any solutions.  Emma just kept dragging more pretend food to my plate that was NOT on my original order.  And Clark?  He just kept making me eggs.
They repeated the same scenario with Daddy once I retreated to check on laundry.  I think he was able to actually get some food as requested though.   We laughed after they were in bed and we retold our own dining experience in their restaurant.

It's not much to most people, but it is one of those memories that I'd like to be sure I hang onto for a while.

Nightie-night and thanks for putting up with my long absences.

And here's a cute shot of the kids at the zoo back in June (the one in blue is a friend, but I don't have permission to post a photo of him, so the backside seemed safe).  They are growing up SO fast!

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Auntie Deb said...

That's laugh out loud funny! No more food. Case closed.