Monday, July 30, 2012

Pool Day!

The kids have been getting a lot of pool time with Nanny Barb this summer, but we (Daddy & I) have not.  Last year we got a membership to her neighborhood pool which is awesome, mostly because we are almost always the only people there, but also because they have a big kiddie pool.  This year, since I can't really be out in the heat (risks after surgery and not great in the midst of chemo) and I don't want to risk the germs IN the pool (since I have NO immune system to speak of), we did not get a family membership.  Yesterday, we were finally able to coordinate with Nanny Barb to meet us at the pool so we could see all that the kids have learned this summer.
You might remember that we tried swim lessons in the spring, but they didn't go well for the girls after the first session when they felt a little too much pressure to swim on their own to the instructor.  Don't get me wrong, the instructor is AMAZING and I highly recommend her.  But the girls just got spooked and then they tended to make it worse for each other.  Clark, on the other hand, proved to be quite the little fish and he loved Ms. Teresa.
We have been hearing stories from Nanny Barb that all three are now "swimming" in the big pool with the aid of swim vests, kick boards and/or swim rings.  They are kicking, using their arms and even putting their heads under water.  It was so great to finally get to see them show off for us.  And they loved having Daddy and their Nashville cousin, Marshall, in the water with them.
I'm so glad we got that time together, but I admit that I like watching more than swimming. ;)

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