Monday, July 16, 2012

BabbaBox Affilliate

I am now providing a link on the right-hand sidebar where you can click and check out the great subscriptions offered by BabbaCo for monthly BabbaBox activities.  Each month, they decide on a theme and select age-appropriate activites, a book and other fun things to try related to that particular theme.  We tried out a month before enrolling in the summer pack at a discounted rate.  They are now offering a back-to-school 3 month subscription as well.

Should you choose to click the link, I will get credit for any purchases made as a result.  I would appreciate your support should you decide to order.  For those of you that might have multiples, you can place your order for one box and then email them directly in order to get additional supplies for same-age siblings at a reduced price.

You get everything you need to help you teach them.  They also send a surprise for the adults .  Once month it was chocolates or a pizza cutter, etc.  There are resources online to help you work through the activities and projects while teaching them about the theme being presented.  You also get information about emailing them for a code in order to get a free App for your tablet or mobile phone.

I have not received ANY free products.  My discounts have been as a result of shopping for promo codes and looking on other blogs for offers.  My reason for posting this is to inform my readers of my Affiliate Status with BabbaCo/BabbaBox.

Should you have any questions about my affiliate status, please contact me via the contact link on my profile.  If you have other questions regarding BabbaBox, please contact them directly through the links provided on their site.


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