Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I think I might bust!

OK, so we are behind in getting an updated picture on here, but I'll see if we can get to that this evening. If I just tell you that my belly is still the point that I think I just might bust....would that give you the idea? My sister saw me from the side yesterday and exclaimed "Oh my, I think you have grown overnight!". I told her that she can get by with that for now, but soon, she will need to control that expression as I might get more "sensitive". :)

So far, it is exciting to be at the point where people can tell that you are pregnant and not just putting on the pounds. It's funny how hard I already find it to get up from chairs, bed, etc. I don't even go NEAR the floor. Poor Timber (one of our dogs), can only get attention from me if she's on the couch. She tends to hang out on the floor in the bedroom and I just have to rub her with my feet because I dread the thought of getting on the floor and having to pull myself up again. Can you believe it at 16 wks! I can't imagine at 26 wks!

In other news, my food intake continues to improve (although I still haven't gotten back into a relationship with veggies), but I find myself forgetting to take a drink of water (chocolate milk, slush puppies or whatever) for a couple of hours and then panic and try to guzzle a large glass at once. Afterwards, if I get up from the bed, it really sounds like I have a small lake in my tummy with all of that sloshing around in there. Funny during the day, not so funny in the evening when I'd like to sleep and roll over and hear the ocean....which of course makes me have to pee.

And whoever said that you would have a break from the frequent bathroom trips during the 2nd trimester either lied, or didn't have triplets. I'm hitting the restroom almost every hour or two, especially in the evenings and during the night. We were concerned about the cost of diapers....I'm wondering about our water bill and the cost of toilet paper! :)

There is still so much shopping to do before their arrival, but we have been lucky to find so many good used things from other triplet families, yard sales and friends. If you know anyone who might be getting rid of baby things - cribs, changing tables, clothes, etc, please let me know as I'd love to see what they have!

Thanks for checking in with us again. We are so happy to report that things are still going fine. I've been feeling good (tired, but good) and haven't had anything happen to cause alarm. We continue to be so thankful for your prayers and well wishes!
P.S. We are at 16 wks and 1 day in the belly picture.

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Sandi said...

Yep! Growing and growing...
Thanks for the picture. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Enjoy the shopping!