Sunday, September 9, 2007

I'll have the country fried steak with mashed potatoes.....

Well, we've turned a corner. I don't seem to be nauseous and grossed out by food (knock on wood). I've been eating beef, chicken, pork, salad....doesn't seem like much except I've barely had any of it in the last 13 weeks. I feel like it is a little easier to hit the calories, protein, etc when I'm able to eat all of this other stuff that's sort of been on my "I'd rather die than eat that" list.
I enjoyed a dinner out with triplet moms on Friday and continue to be amazed by all of the things to be learned as we embark on this unfamiliar territory. I was the only one expecting (at the dinner), so there were plenty of stories about babies pooping while running around the grandparent's house (naked and pooping, I might add), trips to play dates and doctor's appointments, etc. It's very eye-opening, although it's not discouraging as all of these women still have their hair and seem to be getting along just fine. Hearing the stories about the kids makes me even more excited about the arrival of our babies. I just can't wait to start making our own stories and memories and sharing all of the pictures. Now I just need to find someone who will be willing to scrapbook all of it for me. Any volunteers? I figure that I just need help for the first 10 years or so.
Anyway, we are about halfway to our next appt on the 20th. In case you missed it, we are expecting to find out the sex of the babies at this appointment, so it's pretty exciting. Plus it's another chance to see them and watch them swimming around in there (while they still have room). I've decided that we should find someone willing to donate an ultrasound machine that we can keep at the house and watch them all day long. It's certainly better than Lifetime.
Speaking of Lifetime, Troy has threatened to cancel cable if I don't quit watching stories that make me think of things that could go wrong. The other day I mentioned whether life insurance would cover it if something happened to me during the pregnancy/birth. OK, it WAS probably a stupid thing to mention, but seriously, he said he would rather do without cable than hear me come up with more stuff like that. So, I'll have to be careful about what I discuss right after spending time in front of the tube. I wasn't really trying to be negative-Nelly, but just thinking out loud, but I'll save that for the journal.
I wish there was more to "report", but things are pretty quiet around here. I've been able to get a lot of work done for the last week which is a huge relief. Nana (my mom) had a little accident and broke a few fingers. We have told her that she has to be more careful or she won't be able to help out with the babies when they arrive ( there a plan by Nana to avoid poopy diapers?????). Hopefully she will heal quickly and get back to kicking butt at Scrabble, Bingo and Bridge. Uncle Tom, Tommy and daddy-to-be are all excited that football season has arrived. Our Vols won Saturday night, so that's always a bonus for the week. Aunt Karen already purchased a little Vols outfit (for a girl), so we are hoping that we will have at least one little Vol cheerleader in the group.

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Anonymous said...

Yay, your appetite is returning! Does this mean you can think about the baby shower menu?! No pressure... but I will be bugging you regularly. Seriously, I'm glad you're feeling better. Too bad my calorie intake couldn't count for you, I'd have you SET!
Love to all 5 of you.