Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Mystery Continues

Well, they are just too small to be able to determine the sex of them yet. We are scheduled for the official anatomy scan in 3 wks (yes, that's not until OCT 11TH!!). It was disappointing that we couldn't find out what they are, but once again, it was such a relief to see them moving around on the screen (Baby A was sucking his/her thumb)and hear heartbeats that it really doesn't matter whether they are boys or girls, as they look like they are doing well.
This is probably TMI (too much information) for most of you, but the bright side was that they said that I have a "beautiful cervix" and I mean that is exactly what they said. Normally they run about 4cm, but mine is 5cm long and slightly curved. This is very good for the pregnancy as somehow it helps them stay in there better, or something to that effect (don't feel like researching it to find out exactly why that's good, but will take their word for it). We had a few laughs about that one. Don't worry, there are no pictures or anything to share. :)
I've been up since 3:45am, so I'm off to bed for some rest. Sorry that we don't have the BIG news, but again, thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for their health and growth. So far, things are just about perfect and we can't ask for more than that.

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