Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kicking & Grinning

Pics: Three little baby-burritos together in the pack n play (and an example of Troy's swaddling). Clark (not a particularly great pic of him with his funny look) and Jennifer (her husband is the "original" Clark the Shark) when she came over to help feed the group. The girls while Daddy was trying to get a smile out of them (note Emma's sprouts of hair coming in). Mommy took the babies for a walk around the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago (note Clark in front having a meltdown - this is the time he burped when Aunt Karen got him out of the stroller, so he was justified).

Nothing exciting to report at this point. It's been a weird week already as Troy has some work things going on and it's been a little challenging finding help during the daytime feedings. Many people work and just can't be here and others who are "regulars" are out of town right now. We've been fortunate to have a couple of baby helpers offer to be here multiple times this week and we are SO thankful! It is so wonderful to have people show up each week and spend time with us.

I'm still hoping that in the next few weeks I will be able to handle all three on my own for longer stretches and be more confident about getting through a feeding by myself. We've heard from another triplet mom (whose little ones are just 4 weeks older than ours) that her babies can finish a bottle and burp in about 15 minutes (each). We were STUNNED. Our babies are SLOW! OK, she did mention that they spit up a lot and ours aren't too bad about that, so maybe we will just keep taking it easy and working on getting the times a little shorter. Right now, there are times that one baby could take 30-45 minutes (sometimes longer if they are just being difficult or a little needier than normal).

We still have fussy outbursts by all, but it's the ones by Kendall that are most disturbing because we can't always get them under control very quickly. She still has these moments where she seems like she is in pain and it's hard to listen to because you just want to fix it for her. We go through the typical list of what it could be: dirty diaper, hungry, too hot/cold, tired, tummy upset. I think it usually involves something related to digestion, but we still have trouble making it "better" for her. Troy is still a firm believer in the "swaddle". For those of you who have been here, you know what I mean. He is the champion swaddler and often this DOES work to soothe them and get them calmed down. We are still bothered though that she seems so uncomfortable.

Ironically, it's Kendall who blesses us with the most smiles each day. She really is one smiley baby. You barely have to do anything to get a smile out of her at times (I've noticed that compliments from Daddy result in big grins - maybe she understands them???). She kicks and smiles while hanging out in the bouncy seat and also looked like she was bicycling when she was laying (lying??) under her mobile the other day. She was kicking away and coo-ing as well. It was too cute.

Emma is full of adorable smiles too. She is also sporting more hair these days. She has the cutest little sprouts on top and there are a few "longer" pieces in back. She has been much more content to spend time in her ocean-themed swing (thanks to Shannon) these days. Of course, she still loves to be cuddled, but we are glad that she can find some time to herself that is enjoyable as well. Since we have increased the amount that they eat, she has amazed us by finishing most of her bottles each time. I think she will be keeping up with the group in terms of her weight.

Clark is becoming quite smiley also. He remains the best burp-er of the bunch and has been able to suck down a bottle in less than 20 minutes on occasion. His hair is coming in nicely also (and he had more than the girls for a couple of weeks). He too is fond of kicking and seems to enjoy time watching the mobile over his crib, the ceiling fans (esp the black ones downstairs) and spending time in the ocean-themed swing. He can be entertained by the bouncy seat also, but tends to get bored quickly. We think he enjoys music the most out of the three. He seems to get more animated when we have the kiddie CD on in the nursery.

That's all for now. I need to get going as I'm supposed to be getting a little rest. Hopefully we will get more pics soon.

Have a great week!

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