Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Slacker Mommy

Pictures from Daddy's phone: Kendall looking slightly surprised, but we think she's cute. Emma and Clark playing together. Clark looks funny here, but Emma looked too cute to skip posting the picture. Kendall and Clark being sweet with each other (OK they are sleeping, but they look like they like each other). Baby Pirate. Aargh.

I'm officially a slacker Mommy. I just can't seem to keep everyone up-to-date these days. Sorry about that.
Babies are doing well. We are still just amazed at all of the smiles and new little noises that they make each day. And it seems like Kendall is just about to outgrow the size 1 diapers, but it might just be in our heads. She sure seems to be filling them up quickly, which we were told indicates that they are about to move up to the next size.
The helpers continue to surprise me each day that they fill feeding times so that I don't have to brave it on my own. I'm still petrified of the day that I have to feed three hungry babies all at once by myself. We are not willing to "prop" bottles yet (where you use a piece of equipment or a rolled up receiving blanket to hold the bottle up to little munchkin's mouth) because they still have the tendency to get choked-up. Until then, we hope that they will learn patience, but it seems that will be a hard lesson to learn for our little ones....or for mom and dad as we don't like the meltdowns that tend to occur while trying to teach this particular thing.
Kendall had another sleepover at Aunt Karen and Uncle Tom's. They (along with Nana) took her on a walk. We think that she really does enjoy the one-on-one time. She was a little fussy that night and has had some trouble for the last few days. We are still trying to figure out if it is a formula issue or an attention thing, or something else. Fortunately we have an appt with the pediatrician this Thur, so we are hopeful that it's nothing serious and that she (dr) can help us figure out what's going on. Aside from that, Kendall is Miss Smiley these days. Even in the midst of a mini-meltdown, she often comes right back with cute smiles and we are reminded of her very sweet disposition. She also had a pretty firm grip on a rattle this evening which made us quite proud.
Emma is also really turning on the charm these days. She is a much more pleasant baby to be around and she has those big, beautiful eyes that really catch your attention. Not sure that I've mentioned that one eye appears to be blue (or remains slate-blue as it was from birth) and the other is brown. We don't know how long until we know that the blue eye won't change, but we think it's pretty cool that she's got this slightly unusual little feature. I'm thrilled because I love both brown and blue eyes. She is still the tiniest and we keep wondering if we will wake up and have a big baby one morning or if she will remain petite. We are still very curious to see how much she weighs now (we'll know on Thurs).
Clark - what a sweetie pie. He was pretty fussy this evening, but still makes my heart melt. He still grunts and groans just like a boy/man. He is really taking in the sights these days as well - enjoying looking out the window and also up at the ceiling fans the most. He's also all smiles at times and seems to be captivated when Daddy sits and makes funny faces and sticks his tongue out at him (Clark). Clark has even potentially imitated Daddy by sticking out his tongue too, but we aren't sure if it's imitating, or just coincidence that he did it right then (though at some point, this is supposedly a developmental milestone).
We are still working to get in a little more sleep. Some days, of course, that is easier than others. They do seem to be going for longer stretches at night. Soon it will be 10-12 hours of sleep, right?!?!?!? Yeah, right. We dream for that day to come.

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