Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Miles of Smiles

Pictures: Clark - "girls go crazy for a sharp-dressed man". Emma and "the baby whisperer" (Miss Pam). Happy babies on the activity mat. Clark and Kendall being cute together.

Well I'm not keeping up with the blog posts and pictures like I had hoped. It's amazing how I get to the end of the day and haven't been able to get much done beyond the "baby basics" (feeding and changing babies, entertaining babies and putting them to bed, baby laundry, baby bottles - washing and filling, shower). Yes, "shower" counts as part of the baby basics each day as it is how I get myself going each day and, as much time as I spend cuddling them, I want to be sure that I'm not stinky. :)

Things continue to go well. Don't get me wrong, it's crazy around here at times and it's certainly the toughest thing we've ever done. Each day, though, we see how much they are changing and we are reminded that this is also the most IMPORTANT job we have ever had. Raising our babies to be happy, productive, thoughtful, kind, polite, considerate, creative human beings is the primary goal and that might not always be an easy process, but it will be rewarding. I also continue to think of all that we went through just to get here and I couldn't be more thankful - even when someone is fussy all day or when we just can't get someone to burp at 4:30am and we would really rather be back in bed.

We also recognize that things have already gotten easier in some ways than they were just a week ago. We are making progress with schedules, sleep routines, feeding routines, etc. They are sleeping a little more at night between feedings. Of course, there are other things that will probably make the day to day process a little more challenging - like when they become mobile. Won't that be interesting?!?!?! We no longer feel the need to schedule a nurse or helper overnight (although that only happened a couple of times) because they really are doing SO much better then. It's also helpful when Aunt Karen can keep one baby at her house for a sleepover (so far it's only been Emma and Kendall - hey, Clark is an easy "feed", why would we send him away???).

Kendall had about 10-14 days of being pretty fussy and just not what we thought was typical for her. This seems to have improved during the last three days. She is still not an easy baby to feed right now, but she is sleeping a little more soundly and not quite as miserable as before. Again, we think it was the adjustment period with the new formula, so maybe she'll be OK with this brand. She still seems to be growing like a weed. We've finally been able to get into some clothes that her Aunt Sandi and also a friend from FL (Laura) sent. She is just too cute in the little dresses. She continues to be so alert when playing and we love to see her smile at us (for reasons other than gas).

Emma seems to be growing. We sort of wish we had a baby scale to keep up with that, but WHERE WOULD WE PUT IT?!?!?!?! Emma is a MUCH happier baby than she was in the beginning. Of course, she does have that very distinctively loud cry (especially when she is woken up - keeping up with that feeding schedule), but we hear it a little less often these days. She is also blessing us with cute little smiles that seem to be because she is happy and not due to digestive processes and this is just too fun. She's still been eating like a champ, so we expect to see great progress when we go back to the doctor next week.

Clark is just a sweetheart, though he was pretty fussy most of yesterday. And he doesn't seem to be thrilled about walks. The first time Troy & I took them out, he was pretty fussy at the end. Nana and Aunt Karen and I took them for a stroll in the neighborhood yesterday and he was pretty unhappy at the end as well. In his defense, when Aunt Karen got him out once we were home, he had a big burp, so I guess it's understandable that he was cranky. Aside from that, he is stealing the hearts of a number of baby helpers with his gentle spirit. He has the cutest smiles and other little looks that he gives you and that makes it hard to put him down at times. He is still very patient when he has to wait to eat because of his sisters, but I've promised him his own room in a couple of years, so hopefully he will feel rewarded for his good deeds.

That about covers it for now. Again, thank you for checking on us. Hopefully I'll be back on here sooner with another update.

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