Sunday, August 10, 2008

More milestones .... a first tooth and our first garage sale (with babies)....

Pics: Emma looking like an extra for a re-make of Little House on the Prairie. Emma has now discovered that she can get her foot in her mouth - how fun is that?!?!? Kendall going for a ride while at Aunt Karen's house. Clark looking silly eating cereal - nice bib, huh? Clark and Aunt Karen just looking cute. Emma and Kendall goofing off in the morning. Six month "monkey" pics - Clark, Kendall and Emma. Kendall having some tummy-time.

So, for those of you needed a "fix" of baby pictures, I hope this will do it! :)

Well, we officially have a tooth - sort of. Emma has a teeny tiny sharp part of a tooth that we found Saturday night - Daddy found it when she was having a nuclear war-type meltdown and he couldn't figure out how to solve the problem (he was here with Uncle Stevie while I ran to the store because we THOUGHT they were in bed for the evening). Anyway, after trying every other thing he could think of - diaper, burp, gas, etc, he decided to run his finger along her gums and...behold....a tooth-like sharpness. Woo hoo. Sort of. I mean, it's exciting that she's getting teeth, but we feel so sorry for her because it must hurt like nobody's business!

We had our first garage sale on Saturday and feel blessed to have had such a great turnout and we got rid of so much stuff! Of course, that just leaves room for more stuff. I got rid of a lot of my clothes that I can't imagine ever being able to fit into again. And we were able to sell two old junkie monitors and a bunch of kitchen stuff. People wanted to buy our exersaucers and swings, but they weren't for sale (now if the babies were in them, we might have been able to strike a deal - KIDDING, KIDDING, KIDDING). We had the babies out in the garage for a little while and left all of their stuff around. The reactions of people were pretty funny when they would realize that there were three babies - and they all belonged to us - and they are all the same age. I don't remember anyone saying "how much could I give you to take it all off of your hands" though. We were "cheap" and didn't run an ad in the paper. Instead, we tried out Craigslist and posted a garage sale ad and also a "baby stuff" ad. Plus we have a system of where to post signs in our neighborhood. We had a number of people find us in Craigslist, so we will probably do that again next time. It was A LOT of work getting ready for the sale, but in the end, it was rewarding to know that we got rid of so much stuff. I'm also very thankful for my helpers from last week as they allowed me to get so much done while they entertained the munchkins.

We are having a little trouble getting sitters scheduled due to illness, etc, so I'm ready for a little break later this week (I hope), but look forward to continuing to work with the babies on eating rice cereal. So far, Emma hasn't really had much going on in that department - very little interest and we haven't put in too much effort, but then again, she's busy having a tooth come in right now, so that is the priority. Clark seems interested for about 3-4 bites and then he's over it. Kendall has been doing OK and Daddy decided to try rice cereal in her late night bottle. When we can actually get her to eat that bottle, she does seem to sleep much better. So, I'm hoping to find time to get more food in this week. I really need to spend a little time planning it out better because I'm really not even sure what to do beyond rice cereal as I get mixed reviews on what is next - yellow foods (squash, bananas), but then no sweet foods (that would eliminate bananas) because it will be hard to introduce veggies once they have sweets, blah blah blah.

I have to finish up as it's time to feed babies. Sorry I haven't posted more, but things stay busy around here. The older they get the less they sleep, you know. We have a new toy in the house that is the absolute BOMB (or so it seems) and I recommend it to everyone who has a need for entertainment for babies - the Rainforest Jumperoo by Fisher Price. They all seem to really love it and we heard about it from another triplet mom in Atlanta (Thanks Penny K!!!). I'll try to get pics of it with the little monkeys in it soon.

Once again, thanks for checking in on us. We'll be back here soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture fix - I have been thinking about you guys. Good thing your mom did not sell you in the garage sale.
Hope I can see you soon. Aunt Marsha

Rambling Woman said...

Glad the sale went well! I meant to come by...but you know how it goes. Glad to hear the rainforest jumparoo is good since I have one put away for my baby boy to be! As always, I love the pictures!
See ya soon!