Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our 1st trip to McDonald's..Clark has teeth!.. Pics from Dollywood....

Pics: All three in McDonalds for the first time. Kendall in her cute hat. Emma kickin it with her paci and pretending she is an only child. Emma being cute in her car seat with her polka dot and stripes hat. Clark and Kendall in the double stroller "posing" as twins. Clark in his cute bucket hat looking like he is on vacation.

I just got new pics from Uncle Stevie of our trip to Dollywood and McDonalds. Hope you enjoy them.

Clark has a tooth or two coming in (just like Emma) right up front on the bottom row. Speaking of Emma, she really does have two front teeth (lower) coming in as they are sticking up a lot more these days. Kendall is busy dancing, getting strong (probably walking before she ever crawls) and not worrying about having teeth (or hair for that matter).

I'm not going to post a big update as I'm POOPED and want to take a nap before the last feeding of the night. Hope all is well with everyone checking in on us.

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Rambling Woman said...

They're getting so big! I'm glad you're getting them out and about more. Practice makes perfect, right! Hope to see you soon.