Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More peas, please (AKA Peas, Glorious Peas) ....and a few more "firsts"....

Pics: 1.) Ems after her bath (tonight). Too cute. 2.) Clark asking "What?!?! The food is GONE?!?!?! What's up with THAT?!?!? 3.) Emma unsure of whether she should be eating peas or her feet. They do LOVE to play with their feet! 4.) Kendall and her feet. 5.) Nana and the crew at the mall. 6.) Emma crashed out at Dollywood. 7.) Clark expressing mixed emotions about the addition of green beans. 8.) Clark and Daddy (first restaurant experience). 9.) Kendall enjoying (?) the sounds of Dolly "rocking out" at Dollywood. 10.) Uncle Stevie and Ems (first restaurant). 11.) Kendall and Erica (first restaurant). 12.) Clark - looking like a bird with his mouth open and waiting for the spoon with his peas - and Kendall eating peas. 13.) Emma being cute again amidst a break in the feeding process. 14.) Kendall is all smiles when eating something other than her bottle (note the bib). 15.) Clark is looking a little rough with the peas and green beans. I think he was trying to tell us he was full. 16.) Our friend, Theresa (who will be making her network television debut sometime in the 2008-2009 TV season) and Emma. 17.) Erica and Clark.

Well, we've had a lot going on that count as "firsts" in our household. The babies are eating baby food. We had tried cereal and that wasn't going well. Finally we ventured into the land of sweet peas and we had success with all three. They were interested and eating well. We have now hit green beans, also a success. Today was another new addition to the menu - squash. Not a good day. We have rashes and spit up. And MORE spit up. And, just when you think it is safe to change clothes...more spit up. So, tomorrow, we will NOT be serving squash to anyone. We will give it a few days and then try something else. It's so hard to know when a certain problem is a reaction to food since they are teething and can just have upset tummies or whatever. All of the problems today could be totally unrelated to the squash, but we won't chance it any time soon.

Another first was our trip to Dollywood last Sunday. It was a "freebie" (thanks to Uncle Stevie and his great coupons!) and it was sort of a work-thing for Daddy, so we thought it might be a good test run for taking the kids to a "theme park" kind of place (though it is NOTHING like Disney). We had Uncle Stevie and Erica with us, so we felt good about the fact that we outnumbered the infants. And, I guess it went OK. I mean, it wasn't really bad. But it wasn't really that fun either. But good practice for Mommy and Daddy to find out what they need and don't need (although these things change based on other factors as well - such as bottles vs baby food vs "big people" food, diapers, changes of clothes, toys, etc. We decided to bring the single and double strollers and it worked. We did not draw too much attention. There were a few people that figured out that all three were really together, but not many. And then there were the rude people - like the lady in the bathroom.

< I believe it was "OMG, there are TWO?!?!" I was changing one and Erica was standing nearby with a second baby. The third was outside with Daddy and Uncle Stevie. She then proceeded to tell a story (to her friend) of a man who was in his forties and his thirty-something-year-old wife (I think she said 36 or so) was pregnant with TRIPLETS. And "could you imagine that?!?!" "How will they do it at their age????" Blah. Blah. Blah. I didn't even look up at her or speak to her. But I considered accidentally flinging a dirty diaper or two her way. Secretly, I was hoping someone would spit up in her direction, but no such luck. >

So, while at Dollywood, we also had our first visit to a restaurant. And they did well. We did draw a few second glances because it was pretty obvious that they were triplets, but it really wasn't a big deal. And the babies didn't really have any meltdowns. They were a little restless at one point and then all fell asleep and didn't wake up until other babies in the restaurant became fussy. So we left. But we all got through most of our meal before having to head out, so that was a plus.

Another first happened on the way home when they had their first trip inside a McDonalds. Again, they did great. Uncle Stevie picked out a great table and we got them fed quickly and headed out. I think we have pics, but I haven't gotten them from Uncle Stevie yet, but we'll get them on here later.

And, the final "first" for this posting was our trip to the mall. Nana and Mommy decided to take them on a trip to the mall. Poor planning on Mommy's part meant that it was a lot of effort only to have to leave after about 30 minutes because we were way past their scheduled time to eat and I wasn't able to find a way to heat bottles fast enough. So, it was a quick trip, but not without many stares and more people stopping us. Fortunately Nana was willing to share their story with people while I shopped. We were in the TD (triple decker) stroller, so it always seems to draw a crowd. A few people came from the other side of the corridor to see them. I tried to keep walking at times, not to be rude, but just because I had things I was trying to accomplish. When I decided we needed to leave, I just started going fast and poor Nana was trying to calm Ems down as she started having a meltdown. I told her that I didn't want to stop or slow down for fear of drawing another crowd when we needed to get home FAST and get them fed. Despite the screaming, sometimes people don't seem to understand that you are trying to get OUT...FAST....and to get out of the way. And that darned stroller is a challenge to maneuver. It was definitely a trip to remember.

I've attached quite a few pics. Sorry that they are in no specific order as I was having trouble downloading them from the cameras. Hope they give you an idea of how fast the babies are growing and just how cute they are. :)

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