Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Six" month pedi appt

Quick update from pedi visit today. Everyone looks great. Clark and Emma are apparently going to have diaper rash until they are out of diapers due to a sensitivity to the wet diaper (thankfully it is not an allergy to the diapers). Kendall appears to have baby eczema but the pedi is confident that it will resolve itself and clear up over time.

Here are the OFFICIAL stats:

Kendall - 15lbs 10oz, 26.4 in long

Emma - 13lbs 13oz, 25.75 in long

Clark - 15lbs 15oz, 26.8 in long

We will continue introducing veggies and fruits that are "1st" foods (pureed and strained) and then move onto "2nd" foods, which are a little thicker and chunkier. We can also begin to try sippy cups with juice if we are interested (which we are not interested in right now). Once we get into 2nd foods and they show an ability to grasp with their fingers, we will start on finger foods (including Cheerios). She expects that they will be eating finger foods by the time we go back for our 9 month visit (which will actually occur at 9 months, as opposed to this 6 mo visit at almost 7 mos).

We had two more vaccinations (DtAP and Rotavirus). Again, it is a little scary, but we feel like we are making the best choice for our children by holding out on vaccines and just doing two each month. They will be completely up to date before they start kindergarten, so it will be just fine and the pedi is happy with the schedule we are using. The babies did great, only fussing for just a few seconds before Daddy got a laugh out of them.

They also had bloodwork (and did GREAT-esp with the distractions provided by Daddy and Aunt Karen) and it all looked just fine. The major concern is anemia at this point and they showed no signs of any problems like that.

We are relieved to have another round of vaccines behind us and also to know that they are growing well. Of course, Emma remains our little "peanut", but as we've said before, she's busy growing hair and teeth - no time to get pudgy. :) They were all very active at the office and the dr is pleased with their development and believes that are right on track with other babies their age (actual - not adjusted for their early arrival). We are going to work with them to get them stronger and able to sit on their own, but they already show signs of being close to that point. They are also showing a lot of interest in trying to crawl, so it could be any day now. OH MY!!!!! Daddy needs to get the baby-proofing done (an assignment given to him since he's much more handy than I am) pretty soon or else they will soon be into EVERYTHING!

Sorry no pics this time. We'll be back again soon with more, but I wanted to give everyone the latest on their stats and let you all know that they are doing well.

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Rambling Woman said...

Glad to hear that everything went well! You're doing a good job taking care of those babies!