Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Appt Thursday

OK, I'm getting obsessed and couldn't resist posting something this afternoon. Tomorrow is another appt and more ultrasounds (which is a good thing in my opinion). Please keep us and the babies in your prayers as we check their progress. We are expecting all good news and can't wait to see the babies and hear their heartbeats (that is just AMAZING to hear their little beating hearts!).
Things are getting exciting around the house as Troy and I picked out paint for the nursery yesterday and he is working on new closet doors, painting the trim throughout the room and then he will begin painting the walls. The plans are to use a pale sage green, blue, pink and yellow. He will be painting an area with sea turtles as that's what we decided on for the "theme" (we fell in love with them in Kona, Hawaii). It's really fun to see him get so excited about his project.
Meanwhile, I'm trying to get some work done for clients and also continuing to keep up with the calories. I had a "snack" about an hour ago that was probably about 700 calories. Crazy!
I've made some great contacts through a triplets group here in Knoxville and hope that we are going to come away with some friends and also some great gently used items for all of the babies. Keep your eyes/ears open in the event that you run into strollers for triplets, car seats, cribs, etc. We are on the hunt for great deals!
Again, we can't thank our friends/family enough for the support we are already getting and for all of the prayers going up for us everyday!

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