Thursday, August 16, 2007

(sigh) All is well with the babies

We finally made it to the appt today and it was GREAT! The tech spent lots of time with us doing the ultrasound which allowed us to watch them for a little while. All of the babies continue to be doing well, growing fast and their heartbeats are strong. We were able to see all three bouncing around and even waving their little "arms". It was truly a miracle to witness. And once again, the sound of the three heartbeats has to be the most beautiful and soothing thing I have ever heard! I want to get one of those things that lets you hear them whenever you want. I'd just sit around all day listening to them.
I believe Troy will be posting pictures from the ultrasound later this evening. For now, I'm going to nap because I didn't get too much sleep last night as the anticipation was a little too much. I was also reminded today that "making" three people takes a lot of energy.
Thanks so much for your prayers and we ask that you keep it up as they are working. We continue to be optimistic that things are going according to schedule and that our little miracle babies are getting big and strong in preparation for their arrival in 2008.

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Karen said...

They are amazing indeed and we love them already. You are a glowing and beautiful mommy and are taking very good care of them. Daddy is doing a wonderful job too and his pride is already showing as he pampers the mommy of his little ones and prepares a loving home for them in a few short months.

Love you all,