Friday, August 24, 2007


OK, so I left FL for the cooler climate of TN and yesterday we hit a record 102 degrees! This is crazy. I know that some of you have it worse, but for us, it is HOT. The temp in my car actually read 104 all day. Fortunately, my friend, Chanda, told me about a sale at Old Navy and I found a few sundresses for bargain prices. I have decided that I will probably never wear pants/jeans again.... at least until it cools off.
Sorry we haven't posted more of the ultrasound pics. It took forever to scan the one in there and this week has gotten away from both of us. I promise we will get to that at some point. I especially don't want Baby C to feel left out, so we will be sure to get one up there soon.
We are headed to Huntsville, AL tomorrow to finally see our friends' "new" house. The Haynes actually moved in before Thanksgiving but we haven't managed to get there yet. We realized that it's sort of now or never, so we are headed to sunny AL tomorrow. I'm sure it will be much cooler there...yeah, right! We are excited to see their "crib" though. :) They have done more with their place in a short time than I have done in the 4 homes I've lived in as an adult. It's amazing (from what I've seen in pics).
Anyway, things still seem to be moving along. Troy pointed out that my tummy looks "huge" - a slight overstatement, although it already feels like it. Again, I know that it's really all of the food and drink that I've been told to consume and the babies might be all of 6cm a piece (maybe more, not sure yet). The ponytail holders that I was using to help hold my pants up (instead of buttoning them) appear to not be working as well as before (another indication of my "expanding waistline"). I've purchased a bella band, of sorts, that allows me to leave pants undone, but it holds them up for me. This works out well, but as I said before, I might not ever wear pants again - OK, at least until it cools off a little, so maybe in October or November.
Nana's house has become the climate-controlled storage unit for all things baby. Since Troy was going to be sanding down the walls, etc, we decided to get everything out and didn't want it getting dirty in the garage. Nana graciously offered to keep it in her guest room until we are ready for it. I think her neighbors must wonder what is going on. But seeing it all piled up over there is pretty exciting. We still have quite a while to wait until they get to sit in the bouncy seats or do any swinging, but for now, it helps us prepare for the reality and gets our imaginations going.

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