Sunday, August 12, 2007

Getting started

I'm new to the blogging thing and not sure where to begin. For the record, we are at 9 wks and 5 days with our three "blobs". We affectionately call them Blob, Blobert and Blemma at the moment as they still look like blobs in our little pictures we have begun to collect.
I would also like to state up front that I'm not an English major and grammatical errors (and spelling mistakes) should be forgiven. First of all, I'm making three babies, so there is less and less blood reaching my brain and I'm not as smart as I used to be. Secondly, I'm an accountant....give me a calculator and I can add something up for you, but not proofread your term papers. Our three children will hopefully be blessed with some gift for writing since I'm not too good at it.
And instead of blogging, I should probably be downstairs working on meeting my calorie goals for the day. What will I start with???? Yogurt or a toaster strudel? The options are endless when you are maxing out calories!
Things are going well. Sometimes, almost TOO well as I haven't had the horrific morning sickness. I have had some nausea that seemed to disappear a few weeks ago, although I'm still sensitive to smells, have distinct food aversions and don't like to think about what I have just eaten once I'm done. I guess you could say it's nausea, but not too bad compared to some horror stories I've heard. Poor Troy isn't cooking much at home because of my sensitivities. I know he misses his kitchen and I'm hopeful that as we enter the 2nd trimester in just a couple of weeks, he will be back "in the saddle".
I'm completely pooped, so if that is any indication that there are 3 babies under construction in there, then we are in great shape. Usually, by the time I've showered and am halfway through drying my hair, I'm ready to get back in bed for a nap.
All of these "symptoms" are GREAT to me since it means I'm busy making babies and we will be rewarded with three beautiful little people in just a few "short" months (that is more for me, as I'm impatient and can't wait to meet these little guys/girls). Think of it...a " normal" pregnancy lasts 40 wks and we would be 1/4 of the way there. In our case, it is likely that we will meet them before I get to 40 wks, so it really won't be long.
For those of you who are "new" to the triplets thing, we are busy learning A LOT about the whole process (holler out to sister, Karen and also Chanda for all of your internet research already!). First of all, we have certain goals to reach in terms of keeping the babies "cooking" for as long as possible. We WANT to get as close to 40 wks as we can. 34 wks would actually be great (1/29). But we absolutely HAVE to get to 28 wks, which is 12/18. I know we can make it MUCH farther than that, but thought I'd explain anyway.
I'm hoping to get Troy to do some of the posting here, so we will make sure that you are able to tell who is doing the updating. I'm also going to leave the uploading of pics up to him as well. At some point, we will start posting the belly pics in the event that you want to keep with with my growing "bump".
That's about all for now, but we will keep you updated and I promise that the posts will not be this long every time. In the meantime, I'd appreciate prayers for good news at our appt this coming Thursday and also that I continue to work hard to eat LOTS of food so that these babies will be big and strong!


Michelle said...

Hi Kim!!!
I am visiting my Dad in Ohio. My husband told me you called and this must be why!!!!! I am just soooo happy for you!!! I will dedicate myself to pray for you daily. What a blessing. I will call you when I get back into town.
Michelle (Your longest friend)Hee Hee!

Sandi said...

Hi Kim & Troy...
This is cool! This is the first time I've tried posting to a blog and I've already messed up once - go figure.
I'm so excited you're doing this & I look forward to some pictures. Even more I look forward to being Aunt Sandi three more times!!!
I'm praying lots!
"Aunt" Sandi