Monday, August 20, 2007

Baby "Pictures" from 8/16/07

Here are pics from the latest ultrasound on Thur, 8/16. We were at 10 wks and 2 days. The little munchkins are starting to look like babies already. They surprised us by being so active and Baby B was waving at us.
The first pic is supposed to be Baby A (bottom), but includes Baby B (top). The arrow indicates something that the tech was marking (I think the yolk sac, but that doesn't sound very glamorous).


Theresa A said...

Love that you two are doing the blog. You are in my daily prayers

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I am glad to see this!

Renee said...

What exciting news! I love reading your blog and keeping up with everything that is going on. I know of two really good consignment sales coming up. I'll confirm the dates and let you know. Praying for the five of you.