Sunday, June 26, 2011

First "Real" Visit to the Beach

I say this is their first "real" trip to the beach because they were actually at the beach once before, but completely unaware as they weren't even a year old.  Our Nashville family invited us (just before their first Thanksgiving) to join them for a quick trip to the Isle of Palms.  It was a long-sleeve/coat kind of beach trip.  So I will call this trip the first "real" one because they were actually aware that we were AT the beach this time (and it was bathing-suit weather, too).
We hit Edisto Beach early on Wednesday morning and really lucked-out with overcast skies because it meant that it wasn't blazing hot and we could spend more time there without getting a sunburn.  The kids really had fun and had no fear of the water (good and bad).  They chased the waves and enjoyed feeling their feet sink in to the "squiggly" (Kendall's word) sand as the water would recede.  There were not very many shells, but certainly lots of sand and Kendall was pleased when Daddy "buried" her in the sand.  Clark and Emma couldn't get enough of the water and wanted to take every sand toy out to see if they could capture water in any vessel that could be found.  The tide was coming in fast, so it required moving our toys up a number of times, which is sort of an odd realization that it was moving so quickly.
Daddy located a jelly fish and kept us all out of harm's way.  We also spotted a fish head that was quite popular amongst the seagulls.  One super-cool mommy (DEFINITELY not me) let her older son pick it up and throw it back into the water.  Ewwwwww! 
I've got to get some sleep before those little monsters wake up.  More pics to come.
P.S.  The kids have LOTS of sunscreen on which shows up in all of the pics (especially on their faces).  If I had the time, I could edit this out, but for now I do not have the time.  At least we look like responsible parents for slathering the stuff on, right?

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