Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nashville Notes

Marshall helping K dig for worms.

And running, running....

More running....

And more running....

Aunt Marsha has a gigantic pool-sized bathtub.

Emma's do.

Kendall and "her" David.

K & D STILL coloring.
Emma collecting various Barbie dolls with really bad hair.

Kendall feeding her doll.

Just kickin' it.
I still have so many pictures from our trip to Nashville and I'd like to try to remember what we did each day.  On Saturday, we all loaded up and headed to The Monkey's Treehouse and the cousins seemed to have fun checking out all that they had to offer.  Afterwards, we headed to Jim & Nick's BBQ restaurant and had an amazing lunch!  The kids took a nap with Daddy while Mommy and Aunt Marsha did some shopping.  Once we were back at the house, we pulled out the sprinkler, the Toy Story puzzle and also had a wonderful meal on the patio. 
Clark could not get enough of the golf cart and the girls might have spent hours on the trampoline if we had the patience.  Both Marshall and David were really great keeping the kids entertained and playing with them.  I'm not a big fan of trampolines, but I definitely see the up-side in that they would wear themselves out running around it and jumping everywhere.
And they were all thrilled that we offered movie night every night after baths.  They never seemed to last more than about thirty minutes, but it was worth the effort to see them snuggle up with their cousins.
I'm going to sign off for now, but will be back with more shots from Nashville.

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