Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No pics

Sorry, but I don't have pics to post this evening (or last night, either).  We had fun checking out Nanny Barb's community pool yesterday.  Mommy & Daddy are considering joining the pool for the rest of the season since the kids love it so much, so I took a quick trip over there with the kids.  She was babysitting for some older children so we all ate pizza and waited out a mini-rainshower before getting into the pool.  The kiddie pool is a great size for our crew, so I'm definitely leaning toward "yes" sign up, but these things aren't cheap, so we have to weight out the options.

Beyond that, they started a short summer program today at First Baptist Concord called "Discovery Kids."  Drop-off was rough, but I checked back about 30 minutes later and was told that they were all happy, smiling and doing crafts.  The program only lasts 5 weeks with two days per week, but so far, it went OK.  Crossing my fingers that drop-off on Thursday goes better now that they know what to expect of their day.

I'm going to be sending my camera off for some maintenance (boo), so I will be without the "good" camera.  I will certainly miss it, but hope that this maintenance will help it last longer for us and fix a little issue I'm having with the zoom lens.

Time to shut things down.  I hope to get some pictures tomorrow. :)

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