Monday, June 6, 2011

Quiet Time

Quiet time listening to Daddy read after our BUSY evening!

Kind of looks like his Elvis impersonation, right?

The kids had their first visit to Vacation Bible School tonight with the Shake It Up program offered at Middlebrook Pike United Methodist Church.  The program runs from 6-8:30p and we had some trouble but Daddy & I are very happy to see them involved in this for the week.  We will both continue to try to get them there and hang out in order to be sure that they will stick it out.  We were already pleased to see them getting better at "standing like popsicles" along the wall so that they could all be counted.  Kendall also did well at following directions and seemed the most likely to kick Mommy to the curb as she settled in nicely.
I HAVE to get to bed as it's an early day at Operation Boot Camp tomorrow morning and I am worn out!

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