Sunday, February 3, 2008

3 days old and they have stolen Mommy & Daddy's hearts

So, they are only three days old and we are sunk. We just can't get enough of them. Last night we just sat and talked about all of the little things that we think are so cute and sweet. Troy even said that it doesn't bother him when they cry because he just likes to hear them.
Holding them is so incredible. They are just so precious, small, warm, sweet, innocent......perfect. It's hypnotic to sit and cuddle with them in the NICU. I end up nodding off as I'm so completely relaxed and comforted by their presence. We hope that they get as much from the visits as we do.
Emma is in her own "room" in the NICU. Kendall and Clark are sharing a space in a twin room. We decided that Emma was doing so well that she could hold her own a little better and therefore get her own space. Dogwood Cove is the name of the area of the NICU where they are now and it is really a nice setup - very peaceful and more home-like.
Emma is still continuing to set the pace. She is eating more, not spitting up, digesting well, etc. She is also the one most willing to make the commitment to breastfeed. According to the nurse today, it sounds like she might get her IVs out in the next day or so. They put a little bow on her head the first or second day and it's still there. She is just too cute and it's been said that she looks most like her daddy. She has this tiny little squeaky sound that she makes, but do not be deceived as she can belt out quite the cry when she wants to.
Kendall is also doing well. She has an IV in her head, so her cute little bow had to be removed. They have put her in lavender outfits and they really look adorable on her. Troy insists that she is a mini-me (meaning a mini version of her Mommy). She is doing pretty well with her feedings and is making small improvements. They also hope that her IV will come out in a few days (which means we can get the bow back on her little head).
Clark is the mellowest one. He seems to be very content to sleep a lot. We think this is good since he's the smallest and needs to gain the most weight. He's got the most peaceful look on his face when he's sitting in our arms. Most who have seen him seem to think that he looks most like his Daddy with his dark hair, etc. Daddy has enjoyed telling him stories about his family, dogs, nursery, etc. He's had very little interest in nursing so far, but seems to like the cuddle-time with Mommy or Daddy when he can get his turn.
We were happy that Grandpa (Louis), Nana (Elder) and Aunt Karen were all able to meet the babies over the weekend. Unfortunately, that's all of the allowed visitors, but we think that they are doing so well and being over-achievers that they will probably be able to come home sooner rather than later (though we still expect it to be at least two weeks).
Please continue to pray that they continue to progress and get home to us quickly. We are still pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming support from friends and family. This is such an amazing time in our lives and we are excited to share it with all of you.

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